The Timeline


We get emails and phone calls all the time from our couples stressed out about their timeline when there really is no need to be.

A wedding timeline is not meant to be a strict minute by minute breakdown of the day, what it should be is, an order of events.

Of course there are a few things that need selected times, like your ceremony, your cocktail hour, your introduction, and dinner, but everything else should not be constrained to a specific time. Doing this will only make your day stressful by trying to force your prediction on how the day will unfold.

The truth is, some parts of your reception will take longer, or less time than expected, and it is the job of your Wedding DJ to know when to hold back or move things along. By giving us a guideline for the order of events instead of a “timeline”, you will be utilizing your DJ’s experience, and eliminating the anxiety from worrying if everything is getting done on time.

For reference, the most common order of events are as follows:

– Cocktail Hour

– Introduction

– First Dance

– Toast(s)

– Blessing

– Dinner

– Cake cutting

– Parent’s dance

– Open dance floor

– Last dance

Each wedding is unique though, and the order of events should vary based on how you want them to happen. We are always more than happy to hash out plans with our couples and offer any insight that we can to help make their reception tailored to their needs. It is not always easy to know how the flow of a reception should be, and that is what we are here for.

Give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy your wedding day free of stress by keeping your order of events simple, and letting your experienced Wedding DJ take over.