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We want to make planning your reception with us as easy as possible. So please let us know if there is anything we can do to help achieve that. Below is log-in directions and information about starting with our online planning system. 

It's best to start using the portal right away in order to know what details you should be thinking about. Our goal is to help you have the bulk of your planning completed 2 months before your wedding, if not sooner. You'll always be able to make changes closer to your date, but we have found it will significantly reduce your stress leading up to your wedding if we can hit that mark. 


The most important information we need is your Wedding Reception Planner, followed by your Music Requests. The Wedding Reception Planner covers all the important events of the night, including your introduction, formal dances, and names to be announced. You can find your Wedding Reception Planner by logging on, clicking Plan My Event, then Forms, then clicking edit Wedding Reception Planner. Don't forget to Click Save at the bottom of the screen after making any changes.


If we're providing sound for your ceremony, you'll need to fill out the Ceremony Planner too. You can access this by clicking on Plan My Event, Forms, then edit Ceremony Planner. This is where you will give us the details of your ceremony and your music selections for it.


For your music requests, they will also be found after clicking Plan My Event, Music, then Add Request. The best way to enter songs is to click Add My Own, enter in the song and artist, and pick what category. Please ignore the database search function as it is inaccurate. Every song you request we make sure that we have ahead of time, and if we don't, we go get it.  

You can be as specific with the music as you want. Even if you are open to deferring to our experience on what music to play, we want to know what you like, so make sure to request at least 15-20 dance songs. Also feel free to be specific on cocktail hour and dinner music, anything you select we will make happen. If you don't want to spend the time selecting every song, let us know a few songs or artist you like, and we will make playlists for those hours that fits your style.


Eric and Alex will be your main points of contact for help with planning. Our contact info is below. We are always available to answer questions or offer recommendations. As we get closer to your wedding we would like you to have at least one meeting with your reception DJ to make sure we're all on the same page and feeling comfortable. We like this to take place in that 2 month range, but always happy to accommodate what works best for you, and can be done in person or over the phone.


Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with right now.



Eric - 814-574-2766

Alex - 503-917-9804

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