Why are you different than the other Entertainment companies?

I often get the question ‘Why are you more expensive than the other DJ company I am looking at? ”   Vendor selections can be difficult and stressful but some choices can be even harder.  With flowers and Photographers, you can see their body of work.  With dresses, you know which one will fit you by looking in the mirror.  Hiring a DJ is much more complex.  Anybody can play music.  I understand this.  But it’s what you can’t see on the top that makes your experience with your entertainment so important.


There are so many little things I could bring up that we do to make your reception smooth.  I will focus on some you may find the most beneficial.

The Planning Process:

When I initially meet with most couples via phone or in person they immediately think about music, which is great but don’t even realize that “The DJ”  in most cases will need to run the reception events and keep the reception moving along to give you and your guests more time to “Have Fun!”  We spend Hours on your event to make sure we have the proper equipment in top shape, to verify the order of events and to make sure we can keep the reception flowing the way it needs to so you and your guests don’t get bored.

The Setup:

Our setup is clean, cables are taped down and out of the way, and we work with the venue before hand to make sure we are ready way before the start time and go over the days events with them.


The Master Of Ceremonies:

Your wedding Reception is a “Fairy Tale” and You are the “King and Queen” of the day!  It is important for your guests to know what is happening and when the events are happening.  You only get to “cut the cake” once.  We make sure your guests know what is happening by speaking professionally on the microphone and directing attention to the main events.

These are just some of the details that go into making each reception unique and fun.  Please contact us to find out what we can do to create the best memory for your big day!