Where are the Bride and Groom

People always ask me for unique wedding situations. I had an interesting one this past weekend.

If you attended Penn State in your undergrad or grad school, you probably remember “Move in Weekend”
Parents and students truck back to Penn State with all types of necessities. This is also a good weekend for any locals to stay far away from Walmart or any other local retail store.

Another place to avoid, unless you are dropping your child off to East Halls for their first semester, is campus.

Picture this. Brian and Emily get married at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast just outside State College. Guests are about 25 minutes late which pushes the ceremony back about a half hour because they are stuck in heavy traffic on RT. 322.

This is not that big a deal. Ceremonies on average are about 10 to 15 minutes late.

The ceremony ends around 6:15pm and the photographer informs us they are going to Penn State to get their pictures taken.

Flash Forward to 7:30pm. Most of the younger guests at this point are feasting on a liquid diet. We all know It is important to stay hydrated, especially for an outdoor reception. The mother of the bride is starting to panic, because she knows the bridal party should have been back by now, and there are 150 hungry guests to feed.

We talked with both moms and they agree, it is time to eat. So we calmly get the guests to their seats, say grace, and tables are released. During this time, we also change the music into a more upbeat mood. This keeps the guests in a celebratory mindset and lets guests who aren’t in the buffet line yet possibly work off some alcohol on the dance floor.

It is now 8:45pm and most guests have been through the buffet. Our bride and groom are introduced to many cheers and the party goes into the next level. We quickly move through their formal dances and everybody has a blast.

It may not seem like that crazy of a story, but imagine if we just sat back and waited until 8:45 to start dinner. Because of noise issues they could only use the outdoor space until 11pm.