What Is Uplighting?

One of the hottest wedding trends in State College, Altoona and Central PA,  is Uplighting.   I get brides calling and emailing me to find out what it is and why they need it.  Uplighting has been around for decades.  It used to involve heavy par can lights with halogen bulbs and colored gels.  The problem with that is they take up a lot of room, they are heavy, and if you touch them, you will get burned.  Many venues also couldn’t handle the amount of power it took to light the bulbs since these are not energy efficient and required their own power source. 


LED uplighting has changed the game and made it much more efficient and easy to add color to any event.  These lights can be placed anywhere in the room and with computers and controllers we can now customize the color to compliment your bridesmaids dresses or the color of your flowers.  Even photographers are commenting how the lighting has added a dimension to their photos.  If you would like to find out more,  please contact us to schedule a no hassle consultation.  We are constantly adding more lighting to our company but don’t wait because we can only offer this service on a first come basis.

It is also better to have a trained person come out and setup the lighting for your event.  Many companies will rent the lights and you may save some money this way.  It took us years of training to learn how to properly control and place the lighting to maximize the effect for your wedding.  Our uplighting can be added for as low as $150.  To get the full effect for your room.  ask about our deluxe package.