The Mike Holmes of DJ’s

I am a sucker for home improvement shows.  One of my favorites is on HGTV called “Holmes on Homes”  The star of the show, Mike Holmes, is brought in to fix the mess another contractor did on a job.  Not only does Mike come in and fix it, but he goes above and beyond to make the home owner so happy they forget about how bad the original job was.

Last weekend I got to be the Mike Holmes of DJ’s.  I received a frantic call from a bride who found out 6 days before her wedding that their DJ was in jail.  She received my name from another vendor to call to see if we could help.   I was able to come out and give them the best wedding ceremony and reception I could.

Generations Dance State College Wedding

Here is a quote from the bride  “You really came through for my husband and I in a major way.  We cannot give you enough thanks for playing our wedding in a pinch!”

I am glad everybody left with smiles, rather than tears.