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DJ Questions

DJ Quick Facts

The following are fast answers to questions about Nittany Entertainment. For a more detailed guide to choosing your DJ, we encourage you to read our section 40 Questions For Your Disc Jockey found below our quick facts.

  • Do you offer your services as a full-time business?

    Yes. Our future is dependent on the success of your ceremony. We are committed to giving you more then your money’s worth, and have continually won awards From Wedding Wire and the Knot for top 1% of wedding professionals in Pennsylvania.

  • How much do you charge?

    Each event is tailored specifically to your needs therefore the price will vary. We always work within your budget and never hide any charges.

  • Do you have references?

    We are well known with many vendors. We would be happy to give you references with permission from our clients, as we do respect their privacy. Please also search our reviews online as we have the most of any local company.

  • What type of equipment do you use?

    Our equipment is all top-notch and always in new and working condition.

  • How many events can you handle in one day?

    We never over-book a date.Your event is our top priority and we make that known. All bookings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates may be held with a contract and a small deposit.

  • What Is Uplighting and do I need this?

    Uplighting is a LED light box that sits on the floor and shines a beam of light up the wall. please check out our Uplighting gallery to see actual pictures of venues in State college

  • How long have you been dj-ing?

    Nittany Entertainment has been in business since 1999 and all of our dj’s have externsive training and talent

  • What kind of music do you have/play?/ How many titles do you have?

    We offer a wide variety of genres of music on many different formats. Each event is tailored to your specific requests and needs. We have 100,000 titles in our library, so we will be able to accommodate all your music needs.

  • Is my date available?

    You will need to contact us either by e-mail or by using the online booking page, or by telephone to determine whether your date is available. All queries and requests will be responded to as soon as possible.

40 Questions for your Disc Jockey

With over fifteen years of service as professional wedding DJs, Nittany Entertainment understands your concerns
in planning for your event’s entertainment. Our DJ’s have written the following guide to answer these important questions,
and to help you make informed decisions about DJ Entertainment.

  • I am out of town, but planning my wedding in your area. Can you work with me?

    Central Pennsylvania and State College is a very popular destination wedding spot. A large percentage of our brides are from out of the area. We will work with you through the internet and phone to bridge the distance gap and we will be happy to meet with you if you are planning a trip to the area. If you can’t make it to town until the week of your wedding, we will be happy to sit down with you even a few days before the wedding so that you are comfortable with the face and personality of your DJ.

  • My cousin has an Ipod and a laptop. Why do I need a DJ?

    A professional wedding DJ does more than just play music. The DJ also acts as an emcee, and the consistent bond that keeps your schedule, guests, and other vendors (photographer, caterer, etc) on the same page. From lining up and introducing all of the parents and members of the bridal party, guiding everyone through all of the special dances, letting your photographer know when the cake is being cut (and the caterer not to bring out the cake while family pictures are being taken), to being able to read you guests and provide them the right kinds of music at the right times to keep them entertained and having fun. Plus, your cousin is family, and shouldn’t your family be having fun instead of working? A DJ does more than just play music; they create the situations that let you create the memories.

  • How do I get my DJ all of my wedding information?

    A professional DJ who specializes in weddings should be able to meet all of your needs for both your wedding ceremony and reception. First, your DJ should provide you with a written contract that contains your agreed upon price, the contracted times and date of your event, and all other detailed information about what the DJ will be responsible for. Next, the DJ should have a detailed ceremony and/or reception planner which will allow you to make sure that each part of your event happens in the order you want it, what songs as well as styles of music you both want and do not want played, as well as information on your bridal party and how you want people introduced. The DJ should provide you with everything in a written form that both you and the DJ can have, see, and refer to.

    At Nittany Entertainment, we provide you with a written contract as well as a concise wedding planner that allows you to customize and plan all details of your event. We provide both a hard paper copy as well as a secure, personalized event planner for you on our website.

  • What is the difference between a DJ and a Wedding DJ?

    All DJs play music. Wedding DJs have gone above and beyond to familiarize themselves with many more genres of music and knows what types of music – not just which songs – are best in what situation. A Wedding DJ knows how to keep the flow of a long event going, how to well communicate with everyone behind the scenes, and how to keep things appropriate for all age levels, while still allowing fun. When looking at DJs, you should also look at just what kind of events they do most exclusively. A DJ who has most of his work doing weddings will be most familiar with how to keep your event working, while a DJ who spends a bulk of time in a nightclub atmosphere may be great with keeping your bridal party and friends dancing to the hottest music of the day, but may unintentionally exclude or embarrass your grandparents and younger guests.

  • How much will the DJ actually get involved with entertaining my guests?

    Your wedding is yours and the focus should be on you – not the DJ. The DJ is not the center of attention, nor should he be. The DJ should be able to keep your guests entertained without becoming a spectacle. This includes excessive signage advertising the company’s name and logo, the DJ drawing attention to himself by using the microphone for more then is needed, or making himself a presence on the dance floor, in your photos, and other inappropriate behavior (such as drinking or smoking). We make sure that we do our job discreetly and professionally and make sure that everyone is looking at you and not us.

  • Who will be my DJ, and how will he know what I like?

    Meeting with your actual DJ is very important because you know what you will be getting beyond just a sales person who promises you the world, then send a different person to your event who has no idea who you are or what you want beyond what is written on paper. You don’t want strangers crashing your wedding, so someone who is such a vital part of making sure your wedding goes well shouldn’t be a stranger. Before you sign a contract, we will make every effort for you to meet with the actual DJ who will be at your wedding at least once, and again before your wedding so that you and the DJ are familiar with each other and the DJ is fully aware of just how you want your wedding to go. We also provide you with our wedding planner will allow you to customize all of your music choices and preferences. If you love Classic Rock and hate Hip Hop, we will stick to that. Additionally on our planner we include a “Do Play” and a “Do Not Play” List. These allow the DJ to be clear on which songs you are most passionate about (in both directions) and play/not play them accordingly.

  • How big is your company?

    Large companies have the ability to book many, many weddings at one time but lose control of the quality of each employee. With small companies, you know exactly what you’re getting, but they may not have the availability or variety of personality that you may need. Nittany Entertainment is a small enough to provide you personalized service and incredibly high quality of work, but large enough to provide a variety of expertise and availability. Everyone within the company is aware of and participates in many aspects of the company, which allows everyone to be on the same page. This means that all of our DJs have the same views and attitudes on professionalism and quality, and how to make your event the best it can be.

  • How do I reserve my date?

    Many companies have different policies on how to reserve a date. One thing in common with all contracted vendors is a contract and some form of deposit. The contract secures all of your information and makes the vendor aware of your date and times that they need to provide your service, and is your guarantee that their services will be provided. The deposit is used differently for each type of company. Some use it to start procuring supplies needed, others use it as a guarantee that you are committed to using their services. To secure our DJ services for your wedding event, we will send you a contract which you will need to sign and return with a “Retainer Fee”. These items ‘lock us in’ to provide services for your event, and make your DJ unavailable to any other event on that day and time.

  • What happens if my DJ gets sick?

    DJs are human, yet they are also professionals. Your wedding is a priority and your DJs should make every humane attempt to be at your wedding. But every human needs a Plan B. If a potential problem is known which may prohibit your DJ from getting to your wedding (ie birth of a child, ailing loved one), we will make sure there is another DJ already prepared for that contingency, and we will try to make sure that you meet the backup in advance, just in case. If an unforeseen emergency does arise, we do keep one DJ in our company available at all times so that this DJ can be ready to cover your event so that you are not left without your entertainment.

  • Will you hold a date for us if we aren’t sure?

    Choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding, so be sure about your choice, but remember that you are not the only bride out there. Your DJ should allow you time to decide, but shouldn’t fill your slot while you’re deciding. We encourage you to meet with your DJ before making your selection of entertainment to make sure you are a good fit. If you still need time to decide, we will make every attempt to hold your date until you make your decision, but if inquiries come in for your date, we will alert you first that there is other interest in your date. We will not automatically “book another wedding behind your back” so that you lose your date while deciding, but be aware that popular dates do fill up quickly. (This goes for many other vendors besides DJs as well.)

  • Do you have references?

    A reference is a great way to find out what others think of your choices. Speaking to your other vendors is a great reference source. They are very familiar with weddings and have seen firsthand what companies work and which don’t. We encourage you to ask other vendors in the area about us. Nittany Entertainment provides you with a non-biased online survey filled out by our past brides, and will be happy to point you to other wedding websites where other brides have posted about their experiences with us. If you want more personalized contact, we can provide you with individual references upon request.

  • How much music do you have?

    Weddings encompass a huge variety of musical desires due to the many generations involved. DJs should have music to suit everyone in attendance and that is appropriate for all situations. We currently have over 100,000 titles from many various genres to meet all of your music needs. Additionally, if you would like specific songs that are not quite mainstream, we will make every attempt to find the proper song, or in the case of specific ethnic, traditional, or personally special music, we may ask you to provide us with a copy so that we have the proper versions. If we can’t find the exact version (artist, etc) of a particular song, we will have you listen to what we do find to make sure that it is an acceptable alternative.

  • What kind of equipment do you have?

    Music equipment, like everything else is constantly changing with the times. Outdated systems or equipment not best suited for weddings can inhibit your DJ’s ability to focus on keeping your wedding the way you want it. Our company prides itself on staying up-to-date with what works best in our field and what is appropriate for your event. We have state-of-the-art digital equipment which we keep well maintained and updated. This allows us to access our music quickly and easily, allowing your event to keep going without having awkward breaks in the music while the DJ fumbles with outdated or broken equipment. We also bring backup equipment to each event, as well as having someone on call to bring us anything that we may not have in our possession to fix a problem so that your event will not suffer.

  • Do I need to do anything after I hire you?

    Good communication is the best way to make sure that things go the way you want. If your vendors don’t hear from you, they will proceed as they best know how, and may not have things tailored to the exact way you may want it. Once you have secured your DJ, fill out your planner so that the DJ can have the time to be sure that all of the music you want is available and he can have things progress well. You may also need to check with your venue(s) to make sure that the conditions are adequate for what your DJ needs to provide his services. Everything that the DJ needs will be outlined in the contract and/or the planner, plus if special conditions or situations exist, these may be discussed directly with the DJ during one of the meetings.

  • Are you insured?

    It is important that your DJ have liability insurance for every type of event. Many venues won’t allow certain vendors to operate in their space if they don’t have liability insurance. Liability insurance protects everyone in case an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. We at Nittany Entertainment carry a million-dollar policy in case of emergency.

  • Can our guests make requests?

    If you allow us to accept guests’ requests, we have no problem taking requests, as long as they fit within the style and tone that you wish for your event, as well as adhering to your requests as per the “Do Play” and “Do Not Play” Lists.

  • Can I give you a “Do Not Play” List?

    We are willing to accept and honor any songs that you do not want to hear at your wedding. If we were to receive multiple requests for a specific song on your “Do Not Play” list at the event, we will notify you of the situation and ask permission at that time if it can be played. If you say no, the song will not be played.

  • Do you provide clean versions of songs?

    We subscribe to DJ music services that provide us with radio-edit versions of songs , which are appropriate for general listening.

  • What will you wear to our wedding?

    We always wear tuxedoes, with a vest and jacket to your weddings unless specifically requested by the bride and groom to wear less formal attire.

  • What time will you set up for my wedding?

    We will always arrive at least one hour prior to the contracted start time. Often times we prefer to set up at least 1 ½ hours before the start time. If you require us to be set up earlier in the day, or at another time, that can be discussed during one of our meetings.

  • Do you have a wireless microphone?

    We do have a wireless UHF microphone that can be used so that toasts and blessings can be done at the tables and those speaking do not have to leave their spots and stand with the DJ.

  • Can you edit music for our dances?

    We can provide this service. There may be additional cost based on the complexity of the requested music cuts.

  • My reception is outside. What do I need to provide for the DJ?

    Our insurance requires that we be protected from direct sunlight and moisture. We will need access to a sufficient power source and a table for the equipment.

  • My wedding is not in a city/state where you usually work. Do you travel?

    We do travel on a case-by-case basis. Please check with us to see if we are available to travel on your date. There may be additional charge for travel depending on where the wedding will be held.

  • Can you go overtime?

    If your venue will allow it, we can usually go over our contracted time for an additional fee. At Nittany Entertainment, we can provide overtime rates per half hour – not by the hour, so that if you choose to go overtime, you aren’t locked into more time than you end up needing. Please double check with us to make sure that we are available for overtime for your particular date.

  • Do you take breaks?

    We do not take breaks and will be there for your whole event. Many bands and some DJs will ask to take breaks at certain times, but we do not do that at Nittany Entertainment.

  • How do you plan my event?

    We provide you with a user name and password to log into your own event planning system, which includes an outline of all reception events as well as music requests.

  • I am shy. Will I be singled out much when there is a large crowd around me?

    Your wedding is yours and we will handle things the way you want it. Even though the bride is the center of attention, sometimes the spotlight can be shone elsewhere where appropriate. If your Maid of Honor loves being the center of attention, we can put focus on her or other guests if you prefer to stay out of the limelight in certain situations. Likewise, if you want to be the center of it all, we can make that happen to. It is all about personalizing your wedding to exactly the way you want it, which is why we take so many steps (planners, meetings, etc) to make sure we fit your wedding to you like a well-tailored suit

  • We are thinking of having both a DJ and a band. Can we do this?

    Many bands do not have a personality that can emcee the event. This is where a professional Wedding DJ can help compliment a band and is able to play music during band breaks and songs/genres that the band may not be able to play in their set list. We have had great success complimenting bands at weddings, and have no problem working with them.

  • What happens if I can’t get in touch with my DJ?

    We have heard many complaints in our area that vendors never return calls/emails. We at Nittany Entertainment have office staff to answer the phone and if we are out of the office, we do our best to return any correspondence within 24 hours. If your vendor doesn’t call you back, this may be a sign that they show a lack of interest in your event, and you may want to look for a more dedicated professional. (Please keep in mind though that many vendors get very busy on weekends and at the height of wedding season)