Flash Mob

Flash mobs have been around for almost a decade.  The first Flash Mob occurred in New York City at Macy’s in the summer of 2003 by a group called the “mob project”   The creator of the Flash Mob was Bill Wasik,  a Harper’s magazine editor.  According to an interview with stayfreemagazine.org, his goal was to create an internet meme where people would simply be invited to do nothing to become part of the next big thing.

Flash Mobs have since spread around the world with the popularity of Social media sites and You Tube.  The idea of random fun  still appeals to both young and old.

Flash mobs have been known to be used for marriage proposals.  Why not take it to the next level and have them at wedding receptions?


How would one organize the mob?

  1. First you would need the guest list for the reception.  You could obtain this from a parent of the bride or groom.  It would be better to email or private message guests because you want to keep it a surprise from the bride and groom
  2. You need a choreographer.  It doesn’t need to be a trained Juilliard dancer but somebody who can put some fun moves to music would help.  It also needs to be simple and short because most guests will not be super dancers.
  3. Youtube the moves.  Your choreographer needs to spell out the moves in a simple video demonstration and share this link with guests.  Keep in mind guests may be drinking at the wedding so the moves need to be kept simple to remember.
  4. Practice makes perfect.   The mob will look good if you can do the moves correctly.  Practice enough so you have it down to the beat.
  5. Have Fun-  Weddings and Flash Mobs are all about Fun.

Here is a video clip with a Flash mob from the Reinert wedding on 6-30-12.  I took this with my cell phone so the video quality is what it is.