Cocktail and Dinner Music Set the Tone for your Wedding Reception.

I had a young lady come up to me at a wedding this past weekend to ask for a business card.  She said I was the best wedding DJ she had ever heard.  I know there are some great DJs out there so I appreciated the comments.  The thing about this that struck me as different is that we were only 30 minutes into dinner when she made her comments.

When people think about DJs at weddings they often assume the DJ is only used for dancing after dinner, but good cocktail and dinner music can set the tone for a fun evening.  Early on in my DJ career I used to dismiss dinner music as just filler until the actual dancing.  Over time I have come to realize this can be just as important.  As a DJ you don’t want to get caught up playing dinner or cocktail music so loud that the guests can’t have a normal conversation.  It needs to be at an appropriate level where the music can be heard but you don’t want their ears bleeding during dinner.

Another mistake often made with dinner/cocktail music is that it can get too cliché.  Kenny G’s popularity peaked in the late 90’s along with the Macarena.  We don’t need to revive him at a wedding. The music needs to be updated, but still appropriate for the setting.

The music should also create the appropriate energy level too.  Cocktail hour music should be somewhat upbeat to create a fun atmosphere but not too over the top that your guests can still maintain a comfortable social atmosphere and conversation.  Dinner music should be a tad bit lighter.  I often find it is nice to start dinner with slower instrumental and kind of build the energy level as the tables are being cleared.  That way the guests don’t feel like they are ready for a nap.  Instead they are ready to get moving.

We have some great varieties of dinner/cocktail music that include Jazz, Piano, and New Age in our collections.  We also have some surprises that will get the guests talking about your dinner music too.  Contact us today so we can give you a sneak peak of how to make your dinner music unique to your wedding and fun at the same time.