Is It Paint or Art?

My Child's real art

Picture 1

A Picture hanging in my house

Picture 2

 If you took an art class and gave the same paint colors to 2 different people, you would get 2 different results on each canvas.  I would argue that mine would look closer to picture 1 because I was never a great artist.  This analogy can hold true in lots of what my company, Nittany Entertainment does today.   It is easy for anybody to get their hands on music and call themselves a dj, but how will that picture come out in the end?  Do they have the ability to create an awesome party for all of your guests or will it come out more as just a big mess?

This idea also holds true with “Uplighting” and “lighting decor”   Nittany Entertainment was the first company to bring “Uplighting”  to State College.  We pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends in our industry.  When you do something well, others will try to imitate your success. We are constantly updating our education and innovating our designs, which result do you get at your event?  Picture 1 or picture 2?

 Here’s an event we did to honor Paris and the recent attacks.  It was a last minute decision and it had a great impact within the community.  If you are unsure about using lighting at your event, think about how it can create an emotion.

Old Main Lit Up

Old Main Lit Up